Our brands

At Incarlopsa we produce quality products that are conceived to satisfy all of society’s needs. We do so through various brands that comply with every applicable standard on traceability and food safety. Discover some of them:


Since 1978 we have sought to offer the finest quality in our products and the best raw materials.

Sierra Món

Félix de Múrtiga

Félix de Múrtiga offers carefully selected products that are unique for their quality and for their unmistakeable taste of true tradition. Hams, shoulder hams and cold cuts created under the strictest quality controls. Yet above all, created with time, patience and the know-how of an artisan’s tradition.

Sabor Noir

The unmistakeable taste of quality. At Sabor Noir, tradition and know-how reign. Care in the selection of raw materials and in the production process means that our hams, shoulder hams and cold cuts possess the incontrovertible taste of quality.

Terra Dómine

With Terra Dómine you can enjoy true taste and quality. A careful selection of hams, shoulder hams and cold cuts.

Herencia Serrana

Noble Ibérico