Our beginnings

Even from Incarlopsa’s very beginnings our goal has been to ensure the quality of our products and raw materials, while conducting the most exhaustive controls in all processes.

A family history

Over 40 years ago, we in the Loriente family decided to devote our entire knowledge, efforts and passion to one goal: creating premium pork products.

Our respect for an animal as venerated in Spanish culture and tradition as the pig, our accumulated experience and knowledge of the finest breeds, along with investment in the optimum technology to obtain the most stringent quality certificates, has enabled us to take our products to families worldwide.

We continue striving on a daily basis to preserve and raise the value of this prized animal, caring for its natural environment and creating well-being among our employees and in wider society.

Our history and our values

Backed by 100% Spanish equity, Incarlopsa is owned by the four family branches of the Loriente Piqueras brothers (Moisés, Clemente, Jesús and Emilio).

Incarlopsa is nowadays a leading international firm, one of Mercadona’s main suppliers in Spain for fresh, cured and Iberian pork products.

With avenues of access to international markets and vertically integrated into the value chain, Incarlopsa does business by ensuring absolute food safety. We generate wealth and value in society, creating sustainable employment while respecting the environment.






Food quality and safety


Flexibility and adaptability


Business culture




We are constantly evolving to improve our processes and raw materials.

Our team

The success and future of any venture depends on its people’s commitment and motivation. Thanks to our people, we can offer you quality products.