Sustainability is in our DNA. Every day, for more than 40 years, we have been working with the same passion and compromise to keep on producing meat products that fulfill the most demanding quality standards.
For this purpose, we promote a responsible and sustainable business model that brings together the economic, social and environmental aspects to create value and multiply the positive impact of our activity.
Supported by solid values, through strong governance bodies and a committed team, we drive our growth and look to the future convinced that doing things the right way generates value in short, medium and long term.



Incarlopsa values

Our corporate values guide our daily activities, maintaining our essence as a family company.

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Sustainable business model

Cohesive economic, social and environmental reach to create value by promoting vertical integration and international expansion

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Community engagement and social action

We cooperate with and promote the social development of the communities around us as a mechanism for cohesion, growth and prosperity.

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Powered by a great team

Our human team is our main asset. Their effort, commitment and dedication ensure Incarlopsa’s success.

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Corporate governance

An ethical and responsible leadership that promotes the pursuit of excellence and the creation of long-term value in a sustainable way.

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Environment & climate change

We develop our activity according to the circular economy in order to minimize our environmental impact. Sustainable growth is only possible if we are invested in the future of the planet.

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Incarlopsa’s commitment to transparency and its continuous efforts to advance further its financial and non-financial performance are highlighted annually in responsibility reports, although they are articulated through codes, regulations and policies.

Annual and sustainability reports

Report on Sustainability 2022 – DOWNLOAD
Report on Sustainability 2021 – DOWNLOAD
Report on Sustainability 2020 – DOWNLOAD
Corporate Responsibility Report 2019 – DOWNLOAD


Equality Plan

2021 Equality Plan and annexes – DOWNLOAD
Harassment protocol and guide on gender violence – DOWNLOAD

Corporate codes, regulations and policies

Corporate social responsibility policy – DOWNLOAD
Quality, food safety and environmental policy – DOWNLOAD
Conduct code – DOWNLOAD





Incarlopsa collaborates with several public and private entities and work together in the development of sustainability and for the good of society.