Incarlopsa breaks records


The company Industrias Cárnicas Loriente Piqueras (Incarlopsa), a Mercadona inter-supplier of meat products, has achieved its goals in 2016, a period in which it has broken all its records in relation to sales and marketed volumes. More specifically, according to Alimarket, the meat industry has generated revenue of around € 530 million in the past year, representing an outstanding increase of 4% compared to the 509.7 million registered in 2015 and slightly more than 1% compared to the company´s record revenue of € 524.5 million registered in 2013. Incarlopsa has thereby reversed the trend of the two previous years, 2014 and 2015, in which its sales fell by 2% and 0.9% respectively.

In the pork market, the La Mancha-based company, whose headquarters and slaughterhouse are located in the town of Tarancon (Cuenca), increased its volume of pigs slaughtered by 5.9% to 167,449 tons of meat last year, almost 9,400 tons more than in 2015. 78.5% of this volume, equivalent to around 131,500 tons, was pork carcasses marketed in 2016, representing an increase of more than 10% when compared to the 119,318 tons registered the previous year.

Most of Incarlopsa’s pork sales business has been taken over by Martínez Loriente. This company was absorbed by Grup Cañigueral in October, a purchase operation preceded by a spin-off and assignment of part of the acquired company´s activity to other companies, thereby reallocating its business as Mercadona’s inter-supplier of fresh meat. As such, Cañigueral, through Delisano, and Incarlopsa have shared 50% of the pork and lamb supply agreement after taking over the ownership of the Martínez Loriente plants in Cheste and Tarancon respectively. Meanwhile, Suministros Medina has taken charge of the supply of beef to the Valencia-based chain on taking over the Buñol facilities.

More sausages and Iberian pork products

Returning to data on Incarlopsa, the company concludes its activity with the production and supply of different meat products to Mercadona, such as cured white ham, sausages and Iberian pork products, the latter of which are marketed under the ‘La Hacienda del Ibérico’ brand. In total, the company´s volume of processed meat rose 1.4% last year to 62,817 tons, compared to the 61,917 tons registered in 2015. By product, sausages and the Iberian department have been the main drivers, registering a joint growth of 3.5%.

On the other hand, the company´s sales of cured white ham dropped by an insignificant 1.5% from 26,832 tons in 2015 to 26,435 tons in 2016, despite which it is still the market leader in Spain. As Alimarket announced last November, this activity will account for a large part of Incarlopsa’s investments over the year in the form of the new project for the expansion of the Corral de Almaguer (Toledo) ham dryer plant, which will increase the company´s capacity by more than 20%.

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