Incarlopsa provide Mercadona cured Iberian


Incarlopsa provide Mercadona cured Iberian

Incarlopsa meat company, Mercadona inter-supplier for the category of cured ham and frankfurters, has initiated a new project. Now, Incarlopsa also lead the category of Iberian ham, shoulders and cured sausages.

 From the experience and knowledge gained after many years of working with the white pig, Incarlopsa began last January in Guijuelo (Salamanca) slaughter and production of various Iberian products.

 The range of products which will focus Incarlopsa ham / pallet, chorizo ​​sausage and Iberian (both as an extra lar), pork loin and headboard, this range of products can be found in sliced ​​form part and modified atmosphere packaging.

 Incarlopsa has begun to supply Mercadona, sausages and sliced ​​piece, or spine lar in some of the platforms.

So Incarlopsa provide fresh produce Loriente Martinez (the integrated fresh meat) so that it can process it, package it and deliver it to the chain.

 The decision of the great chain with respect to this category, has been to centralize and manage from a single inter-supplier (Incarlopsa) and a single brand (The Treasury of Iberian) that covers all Iberian products,”