Strategies for sodium reduction on highly convenient Iberian meat products (REDNA+IBER)

Many scientific studies showing on population a direct association between sodium consumption and a higher hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases have generated interest over the last years. Therefore the need for salt reduction on cold cuts has become an important challenge for the industry, since processed meats provide up to 30% of sodium intake.
With this project the company plans to design new processes by means of emerging technologies. Thus allowing us to develop salt reduced cured Iberian pork products without quality and food safety decrease from the traditional ones.



This project execution will last from 2021 until 2023. Funded by the Technological and Industrial Development Center (CDTI) it has a budget of 337,558.00 € and it counts on the contribution of Extremadura University (UEx) INBio G+C among other participant organizations.
Incarlopsa is at the forefront of investigation while looking for encouraging healthier habits by offering low salt iberian meat products to consumers.