Slicing plant

Our Slicing plant

In the Incarlopsa slicing plant, the hams are stored in a cool store at 0ºC until the moment comes to proceed to the pressing phase to produce our delicious trays of sliced ham.

Once the ham pieces have been pressed – having passed all due quality controls to ensure that every piece is in perfect condition – we cut them into slices, thereby attaining regular, uniform slices from start to finish.

The slicing is done automatically, so any human contact that might break the hygiene chain is avoided. Later, packaging and labelling is likewise undertaken automatically. Once sealed, the packaged goods return to the cool store at 0ºC until their final delivery to Mercadona supermarkets. We thereby ensure the product reaches our consumers in perfect condition.

Our products are arranged in comfortable trays.

Our sliced products are presented in comfortable trays of 120 and 240 grams. They have an easy-opening feature and a simple, slice separating system by means of plastic sheets that allow them to be removed one by one, preventing them from sticking and/or breaking.

So as to appreciate all the qualities of Spanish cured ham, it is worth getting the tray out of the fridge two hours beforehand and opening it about fifteen minutes before eating. These small tips will help you enjoy the authentic taste of our star product, Serrano ham.

The process of minimum curing to which the ham pieces that we slice for packaging in trays have been subjected is fourteen months, complying strictly with Incarlopsa’s thorough quality controls.

The products formed at the slicing plant are Incarlopsa Cured Ham in slices, extra-thin slices and half slices, as well as diced and mini diced Serrano Ham and Serrano Ham strips.

Plant data:

Surface area of the plot: 53,000 m2

Facilities: 5.200 m2 built

Lines of slicing: 13 unt. 

Production Capacity: 65,000,000 envelopes / year

Year built: 2008

Year of last extension: 2019