Elaborated Meat Products Factory

We produce a complete range of premium-quality products

Our Charcuterie Factory Tarancón (Cuenca)

To meet demand for these products, Incarlopsa opened an Elaborated Meat and Traditional Products Plant in 2004 in Tarancón.

This factory, with a production capacity of 36,000 tons per year, boasts the most modern quality and environmental management systems, reducing the impact of productive activity on the surroundings to a minimum.

Incarlopsa, elaborated products factory, produces a complete range of products form cooked sausages to traditional products such as charcuterie, smoked meats, marinated meats, cold cuts, cooked meats and precooked meats.

How are sausages made?

• First the meat is chopped up to the desired grade and the necessary ingredients are added; achieving a homogenous mixture.

• The mixture obtained is packed into a cellulose casing

• They go into ovens where they are smoked and cooked.

• When they come out of the ovens they are refrigerated and doused to make them easier to peel later.

• They are vacuum-packed and pasteurised.

Production of our cooked sausages

Details of the Elaborated Meat Products Factory:

Surface area of the plot: 50.450 m2

Facilities: 14.400 m2

Sausage production capacity: 36.000 tons/year

Production capacity of other elaborated meat products: 3.000 tons/years 

Storage capacity: 900 tons.

Year built: 2004

Year of last extension: 2011