Lomito – Iberico Cured Headboard Bait Loin

Lomito - Iberico Cured Headboard Bait Loin

Discover Incarlopsa´s Lomito – Iberico Cured Headboard Bait Loin, It´s a cured product so it´s possible to eat raw and also It´s a perfect product to cook delicious appetizers.

You can find Incarlopsa´s Lomito-Ibérico Cured Headboard Bait Loin on the Mercadona Supermarkets under the brand “La Hacienda del Ibérico”

Our secret is selecting the best raw ingredients to make our products, with pork as the star of the show. Starting from top quality, safety and tradition, at Incarlopsa we have a wide range of meat products that cover consumers’ different nutritional needs. The result is a range of products with great flavour and high nutritional value.