Serrano Ham, half a slice, twin-pack

Serrano Ham, half a slice, twin-pack

Nuestros loncheados se presentan en cómodas bandejas de 100, 120 y 240g; con una apertura abre fácil, algunos de ellos llevan un sencillo sistema separador de lonchas, mediante láminas de plástico, que permite sacarlas una a una evitando que se peguen y/o se rompan.

Enjoy our star product, the Serrano Ham, due to this comfortable twin-pack format.

In the slicing plant the hams are stored in a chamber at 0ºC until the time comes to move to the pressing phase to make our delicious packs of ham slices.

Once the pieces of ham have been pressed – having passed the relevant quality controls which guarantee that the piece is in perfect condition – we go on to cut them in slices which gives us evenly sized slices from the beginning to the end.

Slicing is carried out automatically; thus avoiding any break in the hygiene chain. Packaging and labelling are carried out later, also automatically. Once the packs are sealed they are placed once more in a chamber at 0c until their final dispatch to “Mercadona”. We guarantee in this way that the product arrives to our consumers in perfect condition.

Our sliced ham is presented in handy, easy-open packs of 120 and 240g; with a simple system of plastic sheets to separate the slices, which allows you to take them out one by one without them sticking together or breaking.

In order to appreciate the full the qualities of Serrano Ham, it is advisable to remove the pack from the fridge about 2 hours before and to open the pack 15 minute before eating. These little tips will allow you to enjoy the authentic taste of our star product, Serrano Ham.

The pieces of ham that we slice for packs are cured for at least 14 months, complying rigorously with Incarlopsa’s exhaustive quality control.

Our secret is selecting the best raw ingredients to make our products, with pork as the star of the show. Starting from top quality, safety and tradition, at Incarlopsa we have a wide range of meat products that cover consumers’ different nutritional needs. The result is a range of products with great flavour and high nutritional value.