Corporate governance

Strong and reliable corporate governance is essential to long-term value creation. Integrity, familiarity, honesty, transparency, respect for human rights and animal welfare, legal compliance and the highest ethical standards are embedded in our culture and are the basis of our business model.

As a family-owned company with 100% Spanish capital, the members of our Board of Directors continue to maintain this legacy that has been passed down, generation after generation, since Incarlopsa was founded in 1978.

Incarlopsa applies these standards in all its activities, as they are a commitment to all its stakeholders. These are implemented and expanded throughout the entire organization via internal codes and regulations, as well as through mandatory corporate policies.

The company has a specific Corporate Social Responsibility policy that sets out the principles of action, commitments, monitoring system and supervisory mechanisms in the area of sustainability, as well as a Master Plan that establishes the organization’s objectives around various lines of work. Through its Corporate Social Responsibility area, Incarlopsa coordinates and promotes actions and progress in sustainability.