Incarlopsa will create 500 jobs in the next few years


Incarlopsa´s new business project entails an investment of 35 million euros by 2018, and it is estimated that the new facilities will enable the Tarancon meat industry to create around 500 jobs. The CEO of Incarlopsa, Clemente Loriente, announced the project today during a visit by the Minister of Employment and Social Security, Fatima Bañez, to the company.

The Minister of Employment and Social Security, Fátima Báñez, was in Tarancon late this morning to visit Incarlopsa. On her visit, the company´s CEO, Clemente Loriente, provided her with details of the expansion project they are putting into practice. Over the next three years Incarlopsa will invest in its facilities by creating a brand new slaughterhouse and cutting room equipped with the latest technology on the market. These improvements will increase the company´s slaughter capacity from 400 to 600 pigs an hour.

This will also result in the creation of new jobs. Once the works have been concluded, the Incarlopsa workforce could rise from 1,900 to 2,400 employees in the medium term.

The minister’s visit, which occurred in the first days of the election campaign, has generated feedback. Minister Báñez, who has already visited Tarancon on other occasions due to her friendship with Bonilla, announced that it won´t be the last. She recalled that “the people that really create wealth in Spain are entrepreneurs, businessmen and companies”, while stressing that the Loriente family continues to back and “invest in this region”…

The mayor, María Jesús Bonilla, also congratulated herself due to the fact Incarlopsa is the company that “generates most jobs, wealth and quality products”. And she added that “many families going through hard times will be given the opportunity to work”.

In addition to the mayor, Minister Bañez was accompanied by the president of the Provincial Council, Benjamín Prieto, and by the representative of the Regional Government, Rogelio Pardo. Also in attendance were popular and socialist party councillors and the PSOE party candidate for mayor, José Manuel López Carrizo.