Francisco Martínez acquires 100% of Martínez Loriente


The purchase of the shares of Mercadona and Serlopi (Incarlopsa) was conducted through the business entity Torrent Fimer • Francisco Martínez, the new president of Martínez Loriente • The operation enables each company to reinforce its line of specialization •

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of the meat producing entity Martínez Loriente, held on 30 April, approved the transfer of 55% of the shares, owned by two of their shareholders, to Francisco Martínez, which acquired them through their parent company Torrent Fimer.

As such, the business entity Torrent Fimer, after acquiring the percentage of shares owned by Incarlopsa, which owns 45% of the shareholding through its parent company Serlopi, and Mercadona, which owns the remaining 10%, will now hold 100% of the shares and becomes the sole shareholder of Martínez Loriente.

Moreover, Francisco Martínez has been appointed the company´s new President, with Francisco Garrigues continuing as CEO and anaging Director of Martínez Loriente.

The aforementioned share transfer agreement, of which the workforce of Martínez Loriente has been informed, is subject to final approval by the competition authorities.

The operation consolidates the business relationship binding all the parties, as it represents a step forward in the implementation of the new Fresh Meat Model. This shareholding activity, which was also included in Martínez Loriente’s Strategic Plan, Más Lejos, Más Lideres (Going Forward, More Leaders), in operation since 2013, will enable each company to focus on their line of specialisation and their respective projects.

Based on this, Incarlopsa, Mercadona’s integrated supplier and manufacturer, currently involved in the implementation of the Iberian pig project, will dedicate all their efforts to reinforcing the production of white and Iberian pork ham and by-products. In turn, Mercadona, which participated in the founding of Martínez Lorient to provide expertise in the initial cycle, has achieved its objective with the current maturity and consolidation.

With regard to Martínez Loriente, Mercadona’s integrated supplier and manufacturer, the operation will help strengthen their association by conducting and focusing their activity on the specialisation and manufacture of fresh beef, pork and lamb, in addition to meat preparations and products, burger meat and assorted compositions.


The president of Martínez Loriente, Francisco Martínez, declared his commitment to continuing with the work conducted at the general meeting: “We have been a key part of Martínez Loriente since ever the company was foundation. It bears our surname and our industrial vocation. I have had the honour of presiding over the company for many years and was vice-president up to now. We have been jointly responsible for their success and we are going to continue our work by guaranteeing the planned investments and the jobs created, thereby ensuring Martinez Loriente remains a benchmark in the business sector in both the Valencian Community and Spain in general”.

Along the same lines, the President went on to praise the CEO of Martínez Loriente, Francisco Garrigues; “Whom he asked to continue with the efficiency with which he is conducting his duties. His involvement and that of everyone involved in the Martínez Loriente project will lead us to continue making progress in the model of competitiveness and sustainability; basic pillars that have been present ever since the company was founded”.

Francisco Martínez ended his speech by thanking Mercadona and the previous president, Emilio Loriente, for the privilege of being a fellow member of the Board of Directors for so many years and for the way in which they have provided their expertise to achieve the consolidation of an innovative project such as Martínez Loriente´s.