Incarlopsa increased its workforce by around 30% in 2019 and it has practically doubled in the last three years


Around 26% of the company´s workforce are women, a percentage which rises to 37% for the board of directors, seven points above the figure determined by the Code of Good Governance and around fourteen points above the IBEX corporate average in 2019

The future development of Incarlopsa, the leading Castilla-La Mancha-based company in the production and processing of pork products, revolves around several key factors: commitment to innovation, commitment to internationalisation, a vertically integrated production model that guarantees the maximum quality of the product, the promotion of the local economy, although it is the company´s commitment to its employees that really makes Incarlopsa stand out.

As a family business, Incarlopsa’s commitment to its human team is absolute. The promotion of a working environment that promotes equal opportunities in areas such as access to the company, remuneration and professional and personal life balance, among others; the professional development of each employee in a quality job; and ongoing training to enhance their qualification and development, both from a personal and professional point of view, are the focus of Incarlopsa’s people management model.

At the close of the 2019 financial year, the company directly employed 2,404 people, meaning the workforce increased by 28.7% compared to the previous year, when there were 1,868 employees, and has increased by 74% in the last three years compared to the 1,382 people comprising the Incarlopsa workforce in 2016. Taking the indirect jobs generated into account, Incarlopsa employed 3,650 people in 2019.

More than 315,000 euros allocated to training in 2019, equivalent to around 34,000 hours

According to the company´s employee profile, 25.6% of Incarlopsa personnel are women in 2019, although this percentage rises to 37% in the case of the members of the board of directors, the company’s principal decision-making body. Moreover, the workforce is young, with around 82% of the workers aged 50 or under; 65% of the employment contracts are permanent and 10% of the workforce are included in a system of flexible working hours geared to promoting a balanced professional and personal life.

Incarlopsa’s commitment to the continuous training of its human team is reflected in an investment of 315,845 euros, representing an increase of around 34% compared to the previous year. In addition, 33,644 hours have been dedicated to guaranteeing the personal and professional development of the company´semployees, representing an approximate growth of 66% and almost quadrupling the hours allocated to training in 2016. The number of training hours per worker in 2019 stood at 13.99 hours. These training activities have focused on aspects related to the correct handling of food, sustainability and animal welfare, among others.