Incarlopsa reinforces its commitment to innovation, sustainability and the protection of the environment


The new cold storage plant installed at the Guijuelo (Salamanca) production plant will reduce energy consumption by 82% and prevent the emission of 1,200 equivalent tons of CO2. The company has installed six smart deep-freeze tunnels at the Tarancon (Cuenca) plant, thereby optimising energy consumption and increasing the company’s cold storage capacity by 120 tons

Incarlopsa, the Castilla-La Mancha-based market leader in the production and processing of pork products, has ramped up its commitment to innovation and sustainability through the installation of a new cold storage plant at its Guijuelo (Salamanca) production facility and six state-of-the-art deep-freeze tunnels at the Tarancon (Cuenca) facility.

These two projects are part of Incarlopsa´s strategy to implement innovative energy efficiency solutions at the company´s production plants to help reduce energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The investment required for the new cold storage facility at Guijuelo and the deep-freeze tunnels at Tarancon falls within the scope of Incarlopsa’s Productive Investment Plan for 2020, which entails 33.6 million euros.

The development and commissioning of both these projects was conducted in an incredibly short space of time despite the difficulties in connection with the pandemic.

A new, more efficient and safer cold storage plant

The new cold storage plant installed at the Guijuelo production plant features advantages such as good thermodynamic performance, which results in greater efficiency and a reduction in energy consumption of around 82% compared to the previous facility when operating at full load. This will help prevent the emission of 1,200 tons of equivalent CO2 when the plant is fully operational.

Moreover, the design of the new facility includes the option of future expansion.

Energy efficiency solutions at the Tarancon facility  

In line with their commitment to promoting and enhancing the company´s sustainable development, Incarlopsa has installed six state-of-the-art, maximum efficiency deep-freeze tunnels at the Tarancon plant, thereby increasing the overall freezing capacity by 120 tons. The equipment was designed in accordance with the climate in the region and the use of eco-friendly materials, and its dimensions ensure the ideal circulation of cold air during the freezing process, which will be faster, more efficient and homogeneous.

In addition, the company plans to install a heat pump at the plant with the capacity to supply the heat requirements of the entire facility and which will replace the current diesel boiler, thereby preventing the emission of 350 equivalent tons of CO2.