Incarlopsa renews its agreement with the Tarancon Town Council for the Compartir (Share) project


The signing ceremony was held this morning in the presence of the mayor, Maria Jesus Bonilla, the president of Incarlopsa, Emilio Loriente, representatives from the Red Cross, the local branch of Caritas and San Vicente de Paul, in addition to the councillor from the Ana Massó region and other councillors from the government team.

The mayor began the proceedings by once again expressing her gratitude to everyone who has helped make this project possible. She recalled the ongoing response of Tarancon-based companies since 2012, “deep down we are all the company Incarlopsa and their president´s commitment to donating money for as long as is necessary”. This company contributes 3,000 euros a month, broken down as follows: 60% to Caritas, 20% to the Red Cross and 20% to Saint Vincent de Paul. This money helps more than 300 families in Tarancon undergoing hard times.

Bonilla pointed out that while people in Tarancon are working “to generate employment, others are carrying out altruistic and generous work and an act of justice for the people who need it”.

Alberto Paños, the parish priest of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, representing Caritas, illustrated her gratitude to Emilio and Incarlopsa “for being a company that is generating jobs and for their sensitivity towards people in need”. He was referring to the needs being met by the institution.

In turn, Clotilde Sanchez from San Vicente de Paul emphasised that “this assistance encourages us to help all these people, reason for which I and the families in question thank Emilio”.

Francisco Díaz from the Red Cross reiterated his gratitude to Emilio Loriente, who he defined as “the cornerstone of Incarlopsa. The Red Cross covers the costs of electricity, water, gas, etc, some food and what we do is buy children´s milk and nappies, which is what is most in demand”.

Finally, Emilio Loriente explained that “I am the spokesperson for a family, my family and our firm commitment to helping everyone”. He highlighted the work of all these associations, which is so important due to the simple reason that “it is done in an altruistic manner, and this is the attitude that needs to be promoted in this town. He announced that they will continue to work together with Tarancon and Castilla La Mancha for as long as it is necessary.