Incarlopsa renews its commitment to the “Share” (Compartir) project


In the presence of the organisations entrusted with ensuring the aid (Red Cross, San Vicente Paul and Caritas) reaches the families in question, the company Incarlopsa and the Caixa Foundation have renewed the agreement entered into with the City Council for the “Share” programme.

Both entities will contribute the same amount they have been providing up to now. La Caixa 18,000 euros and Incarlopsa 36,000 euros, “to be delivered “to the most needy families in Tarancon through Caritas, the Red Cross and San Vicente de Paul, which will be in charge of managing all these funds. As far as the mayor is concerned, “it is a pleasure to be able to provide Assistance of this kind to those who need it most; it is one of the things that makes being mayor worthwhile. Carrizo thanked both companies for their gesture and encouraged other companies in Tarancon to participate in the programme and to donate specific amounts of other necessary products.

Marta Moratilla, a representative from the social initiative La Caixa para Cuenca, declares “her satisfaction at being able to be a part of such an important project in Tarancon, and in the hands of such an outstanding company as Incarlopsa”. As far as she is concerned, “we need to assume this responsibility as a means of contributing and helping all those people in a difficult situation in the region in which we conduct our financial activity”. This project is yet another reason for the sense of pride we have due to belonging to an entity that it is capable of giving back to society some of what we earn through the trust of our clients”. According to Moratilla, “Fundación la Caixa has made 200,000 euros available for different initiatives in the province”.

Emilio Loriente once again made a point of highlighting “the work the associations do, as the main merit goes to these people working altruistically, I want it to be known”, and asked for this to be disclosed and appreciated in this way, adding that “now things are going well, I encourage other entrepreneurs to join this project due to its paramount importance”. Moreover, and referring to Caritas, San Vicente Paul and the Red Cross, Emilio Loriente underlined the fact that “enormous value should be placed on the work they do as it prevents a significant amount of conflict”.

The councillor for Social Affairs, who together with the coordinator of the Town Council’s Social Services held a work meeting with representatives from the three institutions and from Caixa Bank and Incarlopsa, announced that he will send the breakdown of the funds and details on the execution of the ‘Share’ programme, as “there have been some changes”.

– Tarancondigital news article published on 20/05/2016 –