Incarlopsa scale market positions Iberian pork.


At the end of 2013, had a turnover of almost 46 M € from the sale of hams, shoulders and cold cuts

Meat Industry Loriente Piqueras (Incarlopsa) has become the market leading Iberian pig by recording one of the biggest boosts in recent years the sector. And in just a year and a half of activity in the business, thanks to the boost from the sale of their hams, shoulders and cold cuts in linear Mercadona interproveedora reached the fifth placejust behind leading experts as El Pozoand Ramos Calderonand Osborne Deraza Iberian group, according to information from the last reporting Alimarket sector.

Specifically, processed cured Iberico pork Incarlopsa generated revenues of almost 46 Millions  in 2013, the first full year of activity in the sector, compared to 10.4 Millions with a turnover in mid to late 2012 These sales now account for 9% of total company business Mancha, which, for the same period, reached a turnover of 525 Millions. not included, however, sales for the supply of fresh meat from Iberian pigs that took Incarlopsa in October last year to hand its subsidiary Martínez LorienteAnnually, this activity recorded just over 7 Millions €.

For products, sausages and cured Iberian loins have contributed 27.3 Millions, meanwhile the ham and shoulder range of reported revenues of 18.3 Millions Incarlopsa also performs manufacturing services and / or killing of Iberian meat for other companies other activity which involved 1.8 Millions  in 2013 other than the billing processed cured.

Extension Catalog

Next to the pull of Mercadona, the extent of Iberian own company catalog during this time has allowed progressAmong their latestThe Hacienda Iberian‘ brand that encompasses the range of cured Iberian pig products distributor Valenciahas joined string referrals chorizo​​, morcillapalette in the piece, ham tapas bait and different formats Iberian acorn ham -tapas half loncha-.

It was in June two years ago when Incarlopsa landed in the Iberian pig market after winning the contract to supply all ranges of processed cured Iberian Mercadona, which until then and Canpipork Ramos Calderon were distributedParticularly in the latter facility was beginning a new activityfactorysince late 2013is already owned by the Incarlopsa ownThese include plant production center sausages and hams to 800,000 pieces stay.