On the inclusion of specialist suppliers Incarlopsa, Elaborados Cárnicos Media and Frescos Delisano. This operation concludes the plan designed to specialise the Fresh Meat Model and to reinforce the efficiency and quality of each product area. The agreement entered into guarantees the continuity of all the jobs involved and the planned investments.

Valencia, 05 September 2016. – Martínez Loriente, Mercadona’s inter-supplier of fresh beef, pork and lamb, as well as meat preparations and products, has concluded the specialisation process initiated in May 2015, when it was announced that Francisco Martínez had acquired 100% of the company´s shares and that Incarlopsa would be focusing on the pork project, with the aim of ramping up its activity involving the production of white and Iberian pork ham and by-products. This operation saw Martínez Loriente take the first step towards the new Fresh Products Model, with the aim of concentrating work on the specialisation of each of its meat projects. After almost a year spent analysing the sector and searching for the best partnerships, Martínez Loriente has concluded the process designed to separate the different areas of activity into leading companies in each sector, thereby guaranteeing the viability of the projects, the existing jobs and the planned investments. More specifically, with the aim of continuing to strengthen the production of pork ham and by-products, Incarlopsa, an inter-supplier of Mercadona specialising in the aforementioned type of meat, will be taking over the Martínez Loriente facilities in Tarancon, mainly dedicated to the cutting and packaging of pork, in addition to lamb, and which has a workforce of 300 and a production capacity of 30 million kilos a year. In turn, the company Elaborados Cárnicos Medina, based in Leganes (Madrid), has acquired the facilities of Buñol (Valencia), a slaughterhouse and veal cutting room with a production capacity of 20 million kilos a year and a workforce of 700. Furthermore, Frescos Delisano, based in Serinya (Girona), has acquired the facilities located in Cheste (Valencia) dedicated to the cutting and packaging of pork, lamb and meat products, with a workforce of 1,200 and a production capacity of 79 million kilos a year. The process being concluded, of which Martínez Loriente´s employees have been informed, is subject to final approval by the competition authorities. As far as Francisco Martínez, president of Martínez Loriente, is concerned, “after a year spent searching for the best formula for the specialisation of the company´s different areas of activity, together with Mercadona, I am convinced that we have arrived at the best possible agreements. They will enable us to meet our goal, that of guaranteeing all the jobs and planned investments and strengthening the different businesses in the short and medium term, underpinning the efficiency of the facilities and providing Mercadona products of the highest quality, while focusing, in our case, on those we specialise in. In turn, Mercadona wishes to thank Francisco Martínez for the work executed in this project. Today’s decision will enable us to continue to implement the project comprising the best specialists to offer our “Bosses” the best meat, with the maximum freshness and flavour adapted to the different geographic regions. As such, Martínez Loriente’s meat purchasing team is now a part of Mercadona with the aim of creating synergies that will result in us being more agile, using a purchasing model adapted to the region in order to be able to continue providing our Bosses with a wide variety of products, in this case fresh and processed meat of the highest standards of quality and freshness. In turn, Francisco Martínez will continue as Mercadona’s inter-supplier through their participation in Embutidos Martínez, an inter-supplier specialising in fresh sausages and minced meat; as well as in Platos Tradicionales and 5 Tenedores, inter-suppliers both of which specialise in the preparation of ready-to-eat meals.