Factory Iberian sausage

Our factory Iberian sausage in Guijuelo.

In factory Iberian sausage where we make our product range Iberian sausage with raw materials from pigs to raise and sacrifice within the region of Guijuelo.
Rigorous quality systems and food security are the same as in other plants that Incarlopsa has established for the fulfillment of its objectives.

This plant consists of:

  • Raw material selection area, minced meat area.
  • Minced meat stuffing.
  • Curing rooms for natural and artificial sources, in which the products are regularly controlled.

We create thick-casing chorizo and salchichón (Iberian spicy sausage) and Iberian extras in different formats, along with Iberian pork fed on acorns or cebo (fed on cereals and fodder), and Iberian morcón (large blood sausage).

Details of the factory:

Surface area of the plot: 7,589 m2

Facilities: 19,500 m2 (in different floors)

Production capacity: 6,240 ton/year

Nº drying rooms: 44