Our slaughterhouse, the most modern in Europe

These facilities today boast unique proprietary technology and systems which make it one of the most productive and safest plants in the world.

• Once the animals are received, they are doused in the pen and then rest for an appropriate period of time.

• They are anesthetized and painlessly slaughtered.

• After the automatic cleaning of the pieces “the dressed carcasses” are classified automatically by means of a system called “AutoFom” and are numbered to ensure traceability.

• Each dressed carcass is weighed and led automatically to the Air Drying and Stabilisation Chamber where they quickly cool to maintain the organoleptic and microbiological quality of the product.

Cleanliness, a maxim at Incarlopsa

Some of the rooms in our slaughterhouse. They are all independent to ensure maximum efficiency and cleanliness in the process which follows the slaughter of the animal.

Details of our slaughterhouse

Surface area of the plot: 86,100 m2

Facilities: 35,300 m2 (in diferents floors)

Slaughterhouse expansion in 2017: 14,400 m2

Slaughter capacity: 70.000 pigs per week

Storage capacity: 3,500 dressed carcasses