Incarlopsa donates more than 14,600 kilos of ham to the Spanish Food Bank Federation (FESBAL)


The meat producing group specialising in pork has been making every effort to ensure the supply of food to the most vulnerable members of the population within the scope of its commitment to society. FESBAL, which has 54 food banks in Spain, will distribute the products in accordance with the specific needs of each region. The 50 pallets containing 58,500 packs of donated ham will provide more than 90,000 servings.

Incarlopsa, the Castilla-La Mancha-based market leader in the production and processing of pork products, has donated 14,650 kilograms of food products to the Spanish Food Bank Federation (FESBAL). The donated products will meet the needs of more than 90,000 people.

Incarlopsa thereby joins the “Help us fight COVID-19” campaign launched by this non-profit organisation with the aim of having enough food to distribute among the most vulnerable members of the population to help them cope with the crisis caused by the pandemic.

As far as the CEO of Incarlopsa, Clemente Loriente, is concerned: “In a situation such as this, it is our duty to engage in the joint effort geared to ensuring no-one goes without food. Ever since the crisis began, our workforce has been devoted to this commitment to keep up production and guarantee the supply of food to society as a whole, including the most vulnerable among us. The work FESBAL is doing is highly commendable and we are proud to be able to join them”.

Several trucks with 50 pallets of Incarlopsa products from their Tarancon (Cuenca) plant have been delivered to FESBAL, which will be in charge of distributing the food in accordance with the needs of the 54 food banks comprising the network.

Moreover, as a company operating in the food sector, has also been reinforcing biosafety measures to protect its employees and work shifts at their production plants to supply the population with food at the different points of sale.

Sanitary and personal protection equipment for associations involved in the fight against COVID-19 on the front line

Ever since the beginning of the health crisis, Incarlopsa has been donating sanitary and personal protection equipment to hospitals, nursing homes and town councils in Castilla-La Mancha to help the people who are fighting the pandemic on the front line, such as healthcare personnel and the State Security Forces and Corps, among other groups.

To date, the company has donated 53,200 masks, 24,887 items of personal protective equipment including gowns, caps, gloves, anti-splash goggles, sleeves and leggings, and 76 litres of hand sanitiser to hospitals such as the Virgen de la Luz Hospital (Cuenca) and the Virgen de Altagracia Hospital (Manzanares, Ciudad Real); to nursing homes in Tarancon, Belmonte, Belinchón, Mota del Cuervo, Almaden, Pozorrubio, Barajas de Melo and Villatobas; and to entities such as the Cuenca Provincial Council and town councils including Tarancon, Corral de Almaguer, Villarrubia and Santa Cruz de la Zarza, which are in charge of distributing the material in accordance with the needs of their citizens.