Incarlopsa donates more than 16,800 kilos of food to the Red Cross, Caritas, Mensajeros de la Paz and the Food4Heroes initiative


The meat producing group specialising in pork has been working in partnership with these NGOs to deliver food to vulnerable groups whose situation has worsened due to the health crisis arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Food4Heroes initiative encompasses more than 75 restaurants that prepare and deliver meals to healthcare professionals working in different hospitals.

Incarlopsa, the Castilla-La Mancha-based market leader in the production and preparation of pork products, has donated 16,850 kilos of food to different NGOs and citizen´s initiatives for delivery to the most vulnerable members of the population and to help them cope with the crisis caused by the pandemic.

This food was produced at the company´s facilities in Tarancon for donation to different branches of the Red Cross in Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha, Father Angel´s NGO Mensajeros de la Paz, Caritas and the Food4Heroes initiative, made up of 75 restaurants that provide meals to health professionals working on the front line to combat COVID-19 in hospitals including the one erected at IFEMA, the site of the Madrid trade fair grounds. More specifically, 13,250 kilos have been distributed in the Community of Madrid and 3,600 in Castilla-La Mancha.

Since the health crisis caused by COVID-19 began, Incarlopsa has donated more than 31,000 kilos of food to different entities and initiatives, 14,650 kilos of which were donated in mid-April to the Spanish Food Bank Federation (FESBAL), and distributed among the 54 units the network has in Spain.

“We have been aware of the need to work together and to join forces to guarantee the supply of food to society as a whole ever since the pandemic broke out. I would like to specifically thank all our employees for their efforts towards making this happen and to say how proud we are to be able to participate in some of the initiatives implemented by these organisations”, declared Clemente Loriente, the CEO of Incarlopsa.

Incarlopsa, as a company operating in the food sector, has been reinforcing biosafety measures to protect its employees and work shifts at their production plants to guarantee the supply of food ever since the health crisis arising from Covid-19 began.

More than 85,000 masks, pairs of gloves and PPE donated to groups fighting COVID-19 on the front line

In addition to the donation of food to the groups that most need it due to the health crisis, Incarlopsa has been donating sanitary and personal protection equipment to health professionals fighting the pandemic on the front line, such as doctors, nurses, orderlies and members of the State Security Forces and Corps.

With the aim of helping these groups, since the beginning of the health crisis, Incarlopsa has been donating health and personal protection equipment to hospitals, nursing homes and town councils in Castilla-La Mancha ever since the health crisis began.

To date, the company has donated 56,650 masks, 28,865 items of personal protection equipment, including gowns, caps, gloves, anti-splash goggles, sleeves and leggings, and 76 litres of hand sanitiser to hospitals including the Albacete Hospital ICU, the Virgen de la Luz Hospital (Cuenca) and the Virgen de Altagracia Hospital (Manzanares, Ciudad Real); to nursing homes in Tarancon, Belmonte, Belinchon, Mota del Cuervo, Almaden, Pozorrubio, Barajas de Melo and Villatobas; to the Tarancon funeral home; to entities such as the Cuenca Provincial Council, and to town councils including Tarancon, Corral de Almaguer, Villarrubia and Santa Cruz de la Zarza, which are in charge of distributing the material in accordance with the needs of their citizens.