Incarlopsa joins the #EstoNotienequePARAR (This mustn´t stop) initiative


This initiative strives to publicly recognise the effort, valorise and provide support to the companies, workers and entrepreneurs who continue to work to guarantee the supply of food to prevent the Spanish economy from grinding to a halt.

Incarlopsa, the leading Castilla-based company in the production and processing of meat products, continues to promote the joint efforts in the fight against COVID-19 by joining the #EstoNOtienequePARAR initiative.

The purpose of this campaign, backed by more than 2,000 companies in the agri-food chain, is to publicly recognise, valorise and provide support to the companies, workers and entrepreneurs who are working on a daily basis to guarantee the supply of food to the members of the population most in need.

Moreover, #EstoNOtienequePARAR also brings visibility to the efforts of companies and professionals who are continuing to work, transform and reinvent themselves to be more productive than ever.

To this end, the initiative highlights the business activity being conducted in different sectors, such as the agri-food industry, thereby preventing the Spanish economy from grinding to a halt as a result of the health, social and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

As such, the campaign promotes the creation of the conditions required to ensure, once these extraordinary circumstances are over, that our country takes off economically and socially as quickly as possible, creating opportunities, listening and providing answers to what society demands through our companies.

Incarlopsa´s commitment to society and its surroundings

Ever since the beginning of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, Incarlopsa has been engaging in joint efforts to protect the population and has stood in solidarity with all the associations and individuals that are continued with their activity in order to guarantee the basic needs of society.

In line with their commitment to society and their surroundings, the company has reinforced biosafety measures as a means of protecting employees at the different production plants and has intensified work shifts to supply food to the population at the different points of sale.

Incarlopsa has also been donating products to various entities and health and protection material to protect the population and help the people and associations involved in the battle against this pandemic on the front line.