Incarlopsa donates over 71,000 units of sanitary and personal protection equipment in the provinces of Cuenca, Toledo and Ciudad Real


The company engages in the fight against COVID-19

Ever since the beginning of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, Incarlopsa, the Castilla-La Mancha-based market leader in the production and processing of pork products, has been donating personal protection equipment to different entities in the provinces of Cuenca, Toledo and Ciudad Real to help the people who are fighting the pandemic on the front line, such as healthcare personnel and the State Security Forces and Corps, among other groups.

So far, the company has donated more than 51,000 masks, 20,000 units of personal protection equipment, including gowns, caps, gloves, anti-splash goggles, sleeves and leggings, and more than 60 litres of hand sanitiser, and plans to ramp up the donation of this type of material and food to the most vulnerable members of the population in the coming weeks.

“The aim of these donations is to conduct joint efforts to protect the population and stand in solidarity with all associations and people which, like the pork sector, need to continue with their activity to guarantee the basic needs of citizens in this exceptional situation”, explains Clemente Loriente, the CEO of Incarlopsa.

Furthermore, Incarlopsa has made its network of suppliers available to different organisations to help alleviate the crisis caused by the coronavirus. Hence, the associates of CEOE and CEPYME in the province of Cuenca raised € 10,000, which, thanks to Incarlopsa’s purchasing centre, has resulted in 10,000 disposable gowns, 150,000 pairs of gloves and 200 litres of hand sanitiser.

Material distributed throughout the province of Cuenca

Incarlopsa has distributed the donated health and personal protection equipment among different institutions and organisations located throughout the provinces of Cuenca, Toledo and Ciudad Real. More specifically, this material has been donated directly to the Cuenca Provincial Council and to different town councils including Tarancon, Corral de Almaguer, Villarubia and Santa Cruz de la Zarza, placing them in charge of distributing the material based on the needs of their citizens; to hospitals such as the Virgen de la Luz Hospital in Cuenca and the Virgen de Altagracia Hospital in Manzanares, and to nursing homes in Tarancon, Belmonte, Belinchon, Mota del Cuervo, Almaden and Pozorrubio.

Incarlopsa has so far distributed 51,100 masks, 12,700 pairs of gloves, 4,225 plastic and paper gowns, 600 leggings, 600 sleeves, 100 burkas, 1,200 caps, 750 pairs of anti-splash goggles, 12 disposable overalls and 66 litres of hand sanitiser.

It should be pointed out that Incarlopsa, as a company operating in the food sector, has also reinforced biosafety measures to protect its employees and work shifts at their production plants to supply the population with food at the different points of sale.