Incarlopsa purchases 67% of Acornseekers in the USA


Incarlopsa has acquired 67% of the American company Acornseekers, LLC, headquartered in Texas, USA.

Acornseekers LLC has been operating in the USA for over 4 years. This company has significant strategic value due to the fact it owns 100% pure acorn-fed Ibericus pigs and markets fresh meat, in addition to having a major commercial network in the expanding select North American market, holding all the certifications and permits required by the “United States Department of Agriculture” (USDA).

With regard to this acquisition, the CEO of Incarlopsa, Clemente Loriente, guarantees that: “this is a major step within the scope of the internationalisation strategy the company has been implementing in recent years. We have acquired a majority shareholding as the future development of the company demands growth in international business – guaranteeing quality and food safety – within a context of increasing competitiveness and globalization, establishing ourselves in the most important markets in the world.”

Clemente Loriente believes it is vital that: “The founders of Acornseekers continue to participate as shareholder-partners and provide us with their valuable experience and knowledge of the operation and the American market”.  

This acquisition will enable Incarlopsa to establish itself in a country with a highly positive perspective in the sector in which the company operates, with excellent business opportunities.

The company´s plans for growth in the USA include the construction of a ham production and drying plant for the manufacture of quality Iberian products to be marketed on the American continent.